Xpress Pedicure:

A basic pedicure includes clipping and shaping of the nail, cuticle maintenance, callus softening, and foot massage. Service is concluded with your choice of traditional polish. -$30

Nail Enhancements:

When you desire a little extra length and durability nature did not provide your natural nail. Using a product like acrylic or gel we can strengthen the nail. Whether you have an overlay, or a sculpted extension you will love the look. Full Set of enhancements -$50

              Overlay -$40

              Fill -$34

Luxury Pedicure:

This includes all the elements of an Xpress Pedicure, but also includes an additional callus exfoliation process using Sex A Peel, a softening foot masque, and an extended foot massage. -$45

Nail Art:

With Manicure, Pedicure, or Enhancements

- $3 and up per nail

Luxury Manicure:

This includes all the services of an Xpress manicure, but also includes an exfoliation treatment using Sex A Peel, a hand masque, and extended hand massage. -$30

​Add Gel Polish -$5

Hand and Foot Treatments

Gel Polish:

Using the latest in nail polish technology, gel polish is a great alternative to traditional lacquer. With chip resistant durability and high shine, gel polish offers perfect nails for an average of 14 days. Filing and shaping of nails followed by your choice of Gel Polish color. -$18

Xpress Manicure:

This is a natural nail service. Includes the filing and shaping of the nail, cuticle maintenance, moisturizing the hands, followed by traditional polish application. -$20

​Add Gel Polish -$5

Kim Lees Designs

Other Services:

-Make-up                    -Lash Extensions

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